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There are some pretty amazing contact lenses our optometrist uses to literally transform your vision. Whether you are affected by dry eyes, weird astigmatism or just plain old myopia, the doctor will discuss your options with you. We even have lenses designed to correct your vision while you sleep so you won’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day.

We have more options than ever to give you great vision and comfortable wear.

We often us computerized corneal topography during your contact lens exam.  This gives us additional information about the shape of your cornea that can dramatically impact lens selection as well as design.  The result is contact lenses that fit more comfortably as well as provide outstanding vision. We can use the data to order totally custom gas permeable lenses to give you an incredible level vision.

Who Can Wear Contact Lenses?

Young or old, high prescription or low? At O’Fallon Family Eyecare we are finding there are fewer and fewer patients that are not successful with contact lenses.  As people age and their near vision gets worse, multifocal contact lenses are a popular method to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses.

  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Scleral and hybrid lenses such as Duette for unusual astigmatism or corneas
  • Multifocal (bifocal) contact lenses

Do you have a high prescription or has it been difficult in the past to get you good vision? Working with unusual prescriptions is our passion. We are experts at working with your insurance to get you maximum coverage, especially for patients with a high Rx.

Can Children Wear Contacts?

At first glance, the words “contacts” and “children” may not seem to belong in the same sentence. In fact, kids and contact lenses may be a good match depending on the maturity of the child or, more likely, teenager.The most important key to safety and success with contact lenses and children is parents’ accurate assessment of their child’s sense of responsibility. Your child will need to:

  • Child wearing contact lensesBe mature enough to tolerate contacts — and recognize and want the benefit of not wearing eyeglasses.
  • Be responsible enough to follow the eye doctor’s instructions for contacts’ use and care exactly, day after day.

If you think the answer may be yes, first take a look at how well he or she handles other responsibilities. Ask yourself this: Does your child regularly do assigned tasks like making his bed, cleaning her room, or feeding the dog without needing to be reminded (at least not very often)?

It is not unusual for our Doctor to fit contact lenses on mature 7-8 year old. Then there are cases when the Doctor and parents decide a 12 year old may not be ready for contacts.  We invite you to speak to Dr. Hegyi during your child’s exam to discuss the option of contact lenses for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

How much does it cost to be fit in contact lenses?

Our contact lens evaluation and consultation fee ranges from $49 to $119 depending on the complexity of your prescription for most disposable contact lenses. Specialty contact lens fittings for conditions like keratoconus, very high astigmatisms and scleral lenses are higher.  Your vision plan often will reduce the amount you pay.

Do I have to pay a fitting fee every year if I've worn the same lenses for years and my prescription hasn't changed?

Our practice charges a fee every year you want your prescription refilled. The fee is for the doctor’s time to discuss your current lenses (are you having any problems, how often you change your lenses, how you care for them, etc) and to evaluate the lenses on your eyes as well as if they are causing any negative changes to your eyes.

The good news is if you and the doctor decide to keep you in the same lenses then your consultation and evaluation fee will be on the lower end of the scale.

Can a contact lens get stuck behind my eye?

No.  Even if the lens rolled up the furthest it could go is get stuck under your upper eyelid.  This wouldn’t hurt but it would feel a bit annoying and is easy to remove.

Is it OK to keep using the same pair of contacts until they rip or feel uncomfortable?

Contact lenses are generally very safe to wear as long as you follow your eye doctor’s recommendations on wearing schedules and cleaning. However, not replacing your contacts on the recommended wearing schedule significantly increases your risk of causing inflammation or corneal ulcers.  These are painful conditions that will require you to remove your contacts for 1-2 weeks (or more) and pay for office visits and medications.  If you’re over wearing your lenses to save money you will likely pay it back when you get one of those problems caused by your lenses.

Is a contact prescription the same as an eyeglass prescription?

No. Your eyeglass prescription only has the specific parameters for a lens that is around 13mm in front of your eye (i.e. in an eyeglass frame).  A contact lens prescription is calculated for the power when the lens is in contact with the eye, which is often different that eyeglasses.  In addition, a contact prescription will specify a lens material, design, base curve and diameter.

An eyeglass prescription can be given to you immediately after your eye exam while the contact lens prescription is not finalized until the lenses are worn for a period of time (usually about a week) when a new lens is used.

Do I need a prescription to buy contact lenses.

Yes. Contacts are medical devices that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  When you think about it, contacts are a plastic foreign body that you insert onto your eye and can cause side effects or injury if not fitting well or not the proper wearing conditions.  The job of your optometrist is to monitor and evaluate your contacts to detect any side effects before they become a bigger problem.

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