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Dr Hegyi | Eye doctor | OptometristJoseph Hegyi, OD

I wanted to become an eye doctor because I grew up nearsighted and relied on glasses and contact lenses all my life.  I’ve focused my professional career as an eye doctor on studying vision and ways to correct it.  I’ve even worked for LASIK centers, but that does not prevent the myopia from occurring.  At my office we still prescribe a lot of glasses and contact lenses for our patients, but the problem is these standard treatments do nothing (or very little) to prevent myopia from increasing.

O’Fallon Optometrist

Early in my career I learned a treatment called orthokeratology which not only can allow patients to see without glasses and contact lenses, but can also slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness). Since then I have been offering ortho-K services to patients who want to experience visual freedom without surgical intervention. I also enjoy fitting advanced contact lenses for high prescriptions and diseased corneas such as with keratoconus or Pellucid’s degeneration.

Many people are interested in LASIK laser vision correction.  Between my private practice and my former employment at a refractive surgery center, I personally have co-managed over 1,200 refractive cases of LASIK and PRK.

I started O’Fallon Family Eyecare in 2011 for people who want to experience thorough and accurate care, a personal experience, progressive treatments and great eyewear.  I hope I am able to provide these services for you too.

Giving Back to the Community

We retain a portion of every purchase to be used towards providing free eye care to local residents who cannot afford to see an optometrist. Our Sight For More Eyes program works with local schools and churches to identify people in need.

Professional Distinctions

  • Doctor of Optometry (1997), Illinois College of Optometry
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics (1993), Purdue University
  • Certified in Corneal Refractive Therapy, 2002
  • Has co-managed more than 1,200 cases of LASIK
  • Designer of electronic medical records
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