A Kids Package Unlike Any Other


Kids are tough on glasses and their vision can change rapidly.  Our Eye-M-Growing program protects our young friends from these risks and gives parents piece-of-mind.  When your child is fitted with polycarbonate anti-glare lenses, they receive tough safety lenses that protect against glare and harmful UV light.  Cosmetically their lenses are thinner, lighter and nearly reflection free.

That’s an awesome lens package for kids, but the best part of Eye-M-Growing is our professional commitment.  Kids in the program are encouraged to return 6 months after their exam for a free prescription check.  Our doctor with re-check their vision (this is a refractive-only visit – no health testing is included). If the prescription has changed by more than 0.25D in either eye we will replace the lens(es) with the new Rx at no charge!

We want to give parents piece of mind that your child will not be blurry the second half of the year.  The checkup appointment (and lens change) must take place within 7 months of the original exam date.

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