Dr. Hegyi Attends Vision by Design 2013

I just returned from the Vision By Design (VBD) 2013 conference in Chicago and I’m excited about the latest techniques in orthokeratology.  VBD is a conference specifically tailored to orthokeratology, myopia control and other specialty contact lenses.

The conference was truly global in nature.  I discussed Vision Shaping with doctors from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Canada and throughout the United States.  Many courses were presented that discussed advanced technologies which allow us to treat even more patients as we expand candidacy to higher amounts of myopia (above -7.00D), more astigmatism, hyperopia and even presbyopia (the condition that makes you need reading glasses).

Even though orthokeratology has been around for many years, researchers continue to study the safety and efficacy of the treatment program and I’m happy to report that both get better every year.  Many of my new patients ask if Vision Shaping is safe and I’m able to confidently tell them that it is as safe or safer than wearing “regular” soft or gas permeable contact lenses.

Myopia control continues to be an exciting addition to the field of eye care and few practices are offering for their patients.  Many myopic patients and parents of myopic patients are concerned about how their nearsightedness is increasing each year.  Orthokeratology is an excellent way to not only eliminate glasses and contact during the day, but also has been proven to slow down increases in myopia.

My staff and I look forward to incorporating the latest techniques presented at VBD to our Vision Shaping program!

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