Improving Contact Lens Comfort: Dailies Total1


O’Fallon Family Eyecare is so excited to announce the arrival of a revolutionary new contact lens to our office.  Dailies Total 1 is truly a breakthrough in contact lens design.  This new lens design translates into unparalleled comfort while maintaining an exceptional health profile.  Dailies Total 1 is the first and only water-gradient contact lenses, which means that the outer surface of the contact lenses is nearly 100% water.   This high level of water causes the lenses to be amazingly comfortable and is especially suited for people who experience discomfort in their contacts at the end of the day.

Our initial in-office trials have been very successful, so we are optimistic that we finally have a contact lenses that feels invisible on the eye.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your current contact lenses, it is worth a visit to our office to try these exciting new lenses.  Currently, the lenses are available in nearsighted (myopic) prescriptions only so patients with hyperopia or significant astigmatism will have to wait a bit longer.

Dailies Total1 have shown a remarkable improvement in contact lens comfort for people who suffer from mild to moderate dry eye.  If you have a moderate to severe case of dry eyes you may still have to treat the dry eyes too, but the Dailies Total1 will at least improve your contact lens comfort.