Photochromic + Polarized = Transitions Vantage

If you’ve visited our office you know we firmly grasp new technology and apply it to serving our patients to the fullest extent.  One way we do that is staying abreast of the very latest innovations in eyeglass lenses, and the next big advancement is called Transitions Vantage.

You are already probably familiar with Transitions, which is the leading brand in technology that allows a lens to be clear indoors and automatically tint outdoors.  While a very convenient feature to have in a pair of eyeglasses, Transitions (or generically called photochromics) do not have the anti-haze and anti-glare properties of polarized sun lenses.  But that is about to change when Transitions Optical announces their new Transitions Vantage lens on March 1st.

Details have not been released yet, but I’m guessing the new lens still will not be as dark as a dedicated sun lens (especially while driving since the windshield blocks UV light).  However, adding the benefit of polarization will greatly improve vision and comfort compared to a clear lens.

Stay tuned as we announce the actual availability date as we will be offering this exciting new technology as soon as it is available.

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